Board of Trustees

The members of the Chisnallwood Intermediate Board of Trustees represents a cross section of our community and are dedicated to ensuring the aims of the school are realised.  They seek to encourage new entrant parents to participate fully in our school and sincerely wish that you, as well as your child, become part of the school community.

The Board of Trustees is elected to govern the school in accordance with the school charter.  The aim of the Board is to ensure that it maintains the special character of Chisnallwood as a successful community school.  Parents of the school elect five members who serve a three-year term.  In addition the staff elect one member.  The Board also has the power to co-opt up to four people for varying lengths of time.

Board Members

  • Mrs. C. Ellis (Board Chair)
  • Mr. P. Campbell (Deputy Board Chair)
  • Mr. D. Dixon
  • Mr. P. Merrett
  • Mr. B. Robertson
  • Mrs. C. McDonnell
  • Mr A Faitaua
  • Mr. R. Paton (Principal)
  • Ms. M. Western (Staff Representative)
  • Mrs. S. Warman (Secretary)
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