Guiding Principles

A friendly, positive learning environment is a high priority in providing quality education.  A positive school climate is established through the standards of behaviour we expect in classrooms and around the school.

Parents, caregivers and students can expect the school to

  • Provide clear guidelines for work and behaviour and make sure they are met
  • Provide effective learning, sporting and cultural activities to encourage students to reach their full potential
  • Provide a friendly, positive learning environment
  • Maintain regular, open communication on all matters of common concern

The school expects that students

  • Attend school regularly and are on time for classes
  • Be well mannered and considerate towards each other and staff
  • Respect school property and the property of others
  • Follow the Student Behaviour Code
  • Wear full and correct uniform

The school encourages parents to

  • Take an active interest in their daughter's or son's progress
  • Support school activities wherever possible

Student Behaviour Code

  • Consideration of the needs and wants of others
  • Courtesy to students, staff and visitors
  • Cooperation with all around us
  • Control of self, taking responsibility for our own actions
  • Common Sense to promote a safe and happy environment
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